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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Long Term Monitoring

Does anyone have a protocol  for patients for  long term
EEG monitoring  on patients in Pentabarb coma.?

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  1. HI, I'm still curious about this since I have used pentob in my work before, I just remember that you get a good anaesthesia but it doesn't kill pain, so I always needed to add some additional to minimize pain while I was performing surgery, I didn't know you could use it to induce coma, I know though that it is used in animals to euthanize them, because of this overdose danger possibility it became banned, but the dose is 3-4 times higher for euthanasia than for anaesthesia, I'm not sure which dose would be for coma here is a pubmed reference, I can't get the paper, but they may give more details,

    1: Marshall GT, James RF, Landman MP, O'Neill PJ, Cotton BA, Hansen EN, Morris JA
    Jr, May AK. Pentobarbital coma for refractory intra-cranial hypertension after
    severe traumatic brain injury: mortality predictions and one-year outcomes in 55
    patients. J Trauma. 2010 Aug;69(2):275-83. PubMed PMID: 20699736.